1. I Just Can’t Remember Your Name
  2. Looking In the Mirror
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Because I Care for You
  5. Best Old Friends
  6. Never Too Late for Love
  7. Goodbye, Goodbye Forever
  8. Come On, Tell Me
  9. Looking in the Mirror – Remix
  10. I Just Can’t Remember Your Name – Remix

©2019 Ventura Innovations, LLC., 74 Pasture Lane #306, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.
Producer: Alan R. Tripp; Lyrics: Alan R. Tripp; Music and Arrangements: Marvin Weisbord.


Our relationship is perfect,
There’s just one little flaw

that seems to come between us –

There ought to be a law!

I know I’m mad about you,
And all but lost without you,
And great affection for you I proclaim.
I’m ready now to kiss you,
But, baby, there’s an issue –
I just can’t remember your name.

More beautiful and sage, dear,
Than anyone your age, dear,
I know my life will never be the same.
I might be set to marry,
But baby, I’m still wary –
I just can’t remember your name.

You’re so engaging,
But we’re both aging.
What once was right on

the tip of my tongue

Seems to elude me,
So I say crudely,
“It ain’t like it was when I was young.”

But does it mean that passion
Is gone and out of fashion,
And every kiss we kiss is sort o’ tame?
Well, why don’t we just try it,

making love our diet –

From May to December

I bet I’ll remember your name!


Looking in the mirror, who is that I see?
That face looks so familiar, surely that’s not me.

Do I see a collection of all my cares and woes,
Or just a sad reflection of the way my life goes?

Looking in the mirror, can those be my eyes?
They look so much like yours, dear.
What a sweet surprise!

Wondering why you left me, I relive my past.
It seems to me a mystery

that our love couldn’t last.

Looking in the mirror, I can’t believe it’s true:
The face I see looking back at me

looks a lot like you.


You don’t read the Sunday Book Review

to pick your books,

And you don’t need fancy make-up

to improve your looks.

And you never talk

to me like you were Baby Snooks.

You’re a Wonder Woman to me.

You can do a crossword puzzle

while you’re eating lunch.

You can pick the Derby winner

simply on a hunch,

Play a hand of poker with a rough,

tough, barroom bunch.

You’re a Wonder Woman to me.

You have me bedazzled.
How come you are never frazzled?

You can eat a box of chocolates

but don’t gain weight.

You can drive a car in traffic

and you’re never late.

Seems there isn’t anything, my friend,

that you can’t do,

Do you wonder, woman, why I love you?

When you fly across to London,

it’s to see the Queen;

And the Queen politely asks you,

“Honey, where’ve you been?”

You reply, “Your Majesty,

where I can make the scene!”

You’re a Wonder Woman to me.

When your banker came and told you

you were overspent,

You replied, “I’m gonna pay you

every doggone cent.”

Next day, they elected you the President
You’re a Wonder Woman to me.

When I start to frizzle,
You can make me sizz, sizz, sizzle.

If you disappeared quite suddenly

without a trace,

I would find you if I had

to go to outer space.

Bring you back with me

to lots of old-time hoop-de-do.

Never wonder, woman, why I…love…you!


Because I care for you,
I will be there for you,
Always take care of you.
Do you like that?

If life should go awry,
You’ll know that I’m the guy
Who’ll make your troubles fly
Right off the bat.

Knowing I’m in your corner
Gives you a comfort zone.
Don’t be a weepy mourner,
With me, you’ll never be alone.

Because I care so much,
I tingle where we touch.
Keep me there in your clutch,
That’s the least you can do…
Because I care for you.


As time goes by and years roll on,
The things we love are quickly gone.
But life is not a slippery slope –
Best friends still bring us love and hope.


When we were young, you’ll remember, I’m sure,
We all had good friends and felt nice and secure.
Then some moved away and others just died,
While a few hung around

and stayed fast by our side.

Now if we get lucky as we’re growing old,
We move to a place where we’re part of the fold.
By magic we meet all the right folks somehow,
Who are more than just friends,

We’ve become Best Old Friends now!


I’m too old for runnin' a stop sign,
Too old to settle for cheap wine,
Too old for blurting out the same old line
But Never Too Late for Love!

I can’t wait till eight for my dinner,
Can’t let my figure get thinner,
I’ll tell you why I will come out a winner:
It’s Never Too Late for Love!

Too late for cryin’, sighin’, denyin’
It’s lonely when you’re alone.
I have a reason, no teasin’, I’m pleasin’
The one girl I want for my own.

I’m too young to give up and cash out,
Too old for takin’ the trash out.
Just whistle, baby, and you’ll see me dash out.
It’s Never Too Late for Love!


You came along, life was a song,

it was a high time for me.

Then I fell flat, and that was that

when I caught you two-timing me.

Baby, I’m not gonna grieve.
Why don’t you just leave!

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye forever,

I think you never meant to stay.

Your words were only soft and clever,

then you were gone and on your way.

Now I am not a lonesome lover

who’ll take whatever comes my way,

But I am waiting to discover

if there’s tomorrow with today.

Don’t come and go if you can’t stay.

if you can’t stay, then go away!

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye forever,

I think you’ll never understand
that love must be a real endeavor,
not just a one night stand!


Come on, tell me, tell me why you’re sad.
What is deep inside you, baby?
Words that I know can make you glow,

so nothing will seem so bad, dear.

Come on, speak up, let it all come out.
I will never chide you baby.
Words that we speak, here cheek to cheek,

never will make you sad!

No one can hurt you when I am near,
Something you need to know.
So just be clever, love me forever.
I will never let you go.

Oh, come on, tell me, tell me why you’re blue.
I’ll find a way to cheer you.
Come on and smile, you know that I’ll

always be here for you.




Bass: Dave Zopf; Drums: Len Pavel and Alan Kobernick (tracks 2 and 10); Piano: Marvin Weisbord; Saxophone: Rob Stone.
Vocals: Sandy Crow (tracks 4 and 7); Mark Hollern (tracks 1, 5 and 10); Evelyn Isom (tracks 5 and 9); Larry Serinsky (tracks 3 and 6); Roz Spigel (tracks 2 and 10).
Producer: Alan R. Tripp; Lyrics: Alan R. Tripp; Music and Arrangements: Marvin Weisbord; Additional Orchestration and Project Direction: Chuck Anderson; Recording and Mixing: Dave Schonauer at Morningstar Studios, East Norriton, PA.

© ℗ 2019 Ventura Innovations, LLC. (BMI), 74 Pasture Lane #306, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. All rights reserved.