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Elyse Alexander

Growing up in a musical family, these are the types of songs, I grew up listening to. I love the story of these two, talented gentlemen and good friends. I also love their music, it brings me back to a kinder and gentler time. Everything old is new again!

Desma Reno
Southeast Missouri State Universty

Fantastic music! I am a gerontology specialist and am sharing this with my students in a gerontology class I teach. My mother who is 86 loves it as well. You are so right we need more music made for older adults, but feel that this will also be a hit with the younger generations as well. Thank you for this and you are a role model to other older adults who do not feel they have anything to share with the world. All of us have a gift of some sort and like you it needs to be shared!!

Lea smithee

Just what I wanted!!! I love this may you continue to make more

Ellen Weiss

“What a great treat and surprise! When I learned of the project I figured it would be a charming amateur production—but this really takes the cake! The lyrics are smart and witty, and the songs are a delight. I just clicked through to the CD store and bought a CD; it’ll make the perfect, thoughtful gift.” Ellen Weiss

Latitia Roberts

“At last I had a chance to check out the Senior Song Book — and it is fabulous! I just sat here listening with the goofiest grin on my face, and it was so clear what fun Messrs Trip and Weisbord had collaborating on this musical adventure. I hope this is just the first of many such adventures down their musical memory lane, even though they “Just Can’t Remember [Her] Name” — the absolute winner!” Letitia Roberts

Jim Farley

I will definitely pass [your album] on to several people…and I will tell Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons to move over. Now, please make it into a movie!

Mervin Hartman

In the early 40s, I worked after school at a nearby luncheonette from 4pm to 12am servicing a counter and two waitresses. The juke box was loud and constantly playing all the Big Band hits and love songs. From Bea Wain to Jo Stafford et al I could sing all the words and music. That is why your lyrics, tunes and performance struck such a responsive chord. There must be many others like me. I’m sure it is all helping keeping you “young”. GREAT!” – Mervin Hartman

Soren Ostergren

“I just want to tell you how much I love this album. The songs make you tap your feet or want to slowly sway the night away with your sweetheart…the lyrics are so beautifully written and strike a wonderful balance in being very poignant and meaningful. I love what you guys are doing!”

Tanisha Grant

“I am sending this email to thank you for the beautiful CD that was done by your and others. I am 39 and enjoy the great sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington…this CD is in the mindframe of the greats themselves. Great job, may God bless you and heaven smile down upon you.”

Teresa Henning

Everything is Possible

Thanks for doing this


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